Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 Tang Wen Yue (20)

What traits do good leaders possess :
Traits that a good leader possesses, as listed in the source:Honest,Competent,Forward-looking,Inspiring,Intelligent,Fair-Minded,Broad-minded,Courageous,Straightforward,Imaginative,Justice,Judgement,Dependability,Initiative,Decisiveness,Tact,Integrity,Enthusiasm,Bearing,Unselfishness,Courage,Knowledge, Loyalty,Endurance,Bearing,Confidence,Coolness,Maturity,Improvement,Will,Assertiveness,Candor,Sense of Humor,Competence,Commitment,Creativity,Self-Discipline,Humility,Self-Discipline,Empathy/Compassion.

How do you think a good leader manages a crisis under stressful conditions:
I think a good leader manages a crisis under stressful conditions by taking time to think about the best way to move forward,but not taking too much time that the crisis has already cost you something.A good leader must also be shown as strong to his followers,and not be shown as weak in a crisis as being shown as weak can weaken the organisation and the relatiobship between the leader and the followers.


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