Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Tam Wai Hang - 19

Traits of a good leader:

A good leader is a person who is able to lead his or her followers in an effective way. He is able to inspire his followers into accomplishing work and is able to influence them as a good role model. He must be confident about what he and his followers are doing and will encourage then to do well in it. When his followers are in a state of confusion and chaos, he must guide them through the situation effectively. A good leader also thinks and plan about the results he wishes to achieve professionally, and does not do it lazily.

How a good leader manages a crisis under stressful conditions:

A good leader will not become easily frustrated and start to vent his frustration. Instead, he will remain calm and think of solutions and ways that he do to go through the conditions, without having to easily give up.



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