Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - chua zong wei (06)

traits of good leaders
Good leaders employ the traits of being able to build excellence within their groups, Excellence is "Doing the best you can"  for the profit of the group as a whole. To be able to build excellence in your groups, you must first be a leader of good character. These traits include being impartial and honorable, entertaining all the ideas of your group members, and not rejecting the ideas of certain group members just because you do not like them.  They must also have drive, energy and determination in their work so as to inspire their group members to do their best in the project with their best effort, and not drifting off to other topics and thus being unable to concentrate on the project that the group in currently undertaking. The leader also must have integrity, and not copy other people's work or plagiarize 
how does a leader manages crisis under stressful situations?
A good manages stress in a cool and calm manner so that he will not make any careless mistakes and jeopardize the work of the group or ruin a window of opportunity for the group.

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