Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Sean Phua Aik Han (16)

Traits of a Leader
Leaders have many traits, but among these traits that the leaders possess, there are few traits that a leader should have. Some of these traits are honest, forward-looking, competent and inspiring. Why are these traits more important? Well firstly, people want to follow an honest leader, one that they can trust to lead them to a better future. Secondly, you want a leader that plans what is his next move, not one who waits for something to happen and then think of a solution. Thirdly, a leader should display competency to show his followers that he is a worthy leader and that is why he is in charge. Finally, a leader should be inspiring, and serve as a role model to his followers.

Managing Stressful Situations
A good leader will remain calm about the situation. This will allow him to think more clearly and listen more to his followers' suggestions. Another thing the leader would do is to solve the smaller problem first instead of going straight to the big problem. This is as the smaller problems can be neglected as first to solve the big problem but in time, might end up snowballing into a much bigger problem than you can handle.


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