Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Hong Kai Xuan (09)

Traits -

Good leaders always have self-confidence. The reason why people listen to leaders is because he motivates people. The one who persuades others to a better goal for their future. Using logic and common sense, the leader is able to manipulate other people's mind so that both parties share a common vision.

Of course getting your followers to listen is one important thing when establishing as a leader. Good leaders are always prepared for the unexpected when making a public speech. He gives concrete evidence on why everyone should listen to him. He have his own backup answers/statistic and he will convince people that he is right. If the public fires a question and he is able to answer people's questions, this shows that he is really intelligent.

A good leader not only change people's mindset into a brighter one from all pessimistic views, he also mark his word. He overcome the challenge and obstacles set by his life and also an inspiration to people worldwide.

A good leader manage crisis under stressful situations -

Under certain pitfall or drawbacks. A good leader always have resilience and he is able to change according to situation in order to solve the problem.

Example: If a country have a financial crisis, a leader must first possess a optimistic view. He must reassure his people that everything is going to be fine and motivate his people to work harder. If the leader did not bother to coax his people first, he is going to lose a lot of followers and this can lead to a major problem in the future when he cannot rally support anymore.

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